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How to export/bounce audio tracks for mixing ?

Export/Bounce all audio tracks separately as WAV or AIFF files. i.e. Kick, Snare, Hi-hat, Guitar, Bass, etc.) These can either be mono or stereo, as 24 or 32bit at 44.1khz, 48khz, 88.2khz, or 96khz. Only keep plugins that are essential to the sound, such as important effects. Regular plugins such as compression, eq, delay, reverb, etc should preferably be kept off. It is important that you export/bounce each audio track from the same starting point in your project. And please make sure there is no clipping.


How do I send my song for mixing? 

If you are using Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic, or Studio One you can send the session file. (please include all audio files)  The only thing you must do is convert any midi or virtual instrument tracks to audio because I don’t always have the same synths or sound banks.

For all other DAW’s you have two options:

1. If you have a rough mix that you have been working on and somewhat like, I would rather start mixing where you left off. In that case, I ask you send one set of stems “wet” with effects, compression, eq, etc. left on (minus any mix bus limiting) and one set dry with no effects or eq or compression. (If you have auto-tune or any other pitch plugins you like the sound of, you can leave them on the dry stems as well.

2. If you have a really basic ruff mix, and we are mixing the song from scratch you can just send the stems dry.


How to export/bounce audio tracks for mastering ?

First, it is best to take off all the effects on the master bus i.e. limiter, compressor, eq, etc before you bounce the tracks. This gives the mastering engineer more room to work with. Second, to give the mastering engineer enough headroom, make sure the peak volume of the master bus sits at around -6db. Lastly, export/bounce the track as WAV or AIFF at 24 or 32bit. 


When do I get my songs back ?

Normally 7-14 days for mixing, and 3-8 days for mastering. Keep in mind this is just an estimate and specific times will vary, depending on the amount of work I have on hand, and the size of the project.


Is the song ready for radio after mixing ?

No! Mastering is the final step before any song is ready to get released. Mastering is getting the song loud enough for radio, a whole different topic from audio mixing.


How to transfer files for mixing and/or mastering ?

First zip your audio files using WINRAR or WINZIP. Then upload the files to You can also upload your files to any other online file transfer system, and email me your link.


Free test Sample - How does it work ?

Free test sample is an offer I have, for you to try my services without any obligation. New clients will get a free mastering or mixing sample. Listen to the song, and decide for yourself if you would like to try my services. No hard feelings. Just send over your files via, stating “Free mixing sample” or "Free mastering sample".

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